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Fly Agaric Red Mushroom Stone Ornament

Fly Agaric Red Mushroom Stone Ornament


✺ Cutie fly agaric mushroom  ✺


- hand carved from Kenyan soapstone ðŸŒœ

It's so cute! Perefect for decorating your home, using as a paper weight, for autumnal photoshots etc


Makes a lovely present for a friend or yourself!


Fair Trade item - handmade in KenyaʉϬ


Most of the worlds soapstone originates from Kisii in the western highlands of Kenya and so is home to the best soapstone artisans and carvers. The talc in soapstone is soft to touch, hence the name. Before starting work the stone must be immersed in water to make it even softer and therefore easier to work with. Using a hammer and chisel the main shape is carved out and colour then added. A smaller knife, known as a kisu, is then used for the engraved design or illustration.


Sustainability sourced & recycled packaging ☾

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Colour: red