Are your earrings nickle free?

All our items our nickle free, therefore safe to wear leaving you with happy skin! We supply only the following options of jewellery, 925 sterling silver, 925 silver plated or brass. We suggest if you have super sensitive ears to only buy 925 sterling silver.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We have the option to ship worldwide at checkout, just select your county & appliciable shipping costs will be added.

Will I be charged at customs?

For international orders you could be charged additional costs for customs. Unfortunatley, this is out of our control, but can be checked online.

Do you sell elsewhere?

We sure do! DEPOP: @shoporango INSTAGRAM: @shoporango we often have Insta story sales! POP UP STORES: We tour various markets, festivals & pop up events! Check our Insta @shoporango for updates on this.. haven't been able to recently due to covid!

Where are your items sourced?

Our jewellery is either handmade by myself or my friend Zeeshan with his father in India. They run their own small family buisness & we wanted to support them. . We don't like 'new' therefore, all our clothing & homeware is hand soucred vintage from the UK. This keeps our carbon footprint low, helps to fight against fast fashion & unwanted clothes going to landfill! Any upcycling is done by myself in the UK. If you have more questions, please message me on Instagram @shoporango

Are you still posting during COVID 19?

Yes we are still posting at the moment... There may be some minor delays for your parcels to arrive, due to Royal Mail covid delays. Any questions, don't hesitate to message! Hope everyone is happy & healthy.. thank you for your orders, it's wonderful people are supporting small & independent businesses at this confusing time!

How do I know my ring size?

To work out your ring size you need to tie a piece of string or similar object around your finger, measure this against a rular to see the length then compare it against our size chart which you will find below these questions! Please don't hesitate to message any questions, Instagram is easiest for me to respond on @shoporango


Ring Size Chart.png
Ring Sizes.png