Navajo Kingman Turquoise Ring | Solid Silver

Navajo Kingman Turquoise Ring | Solid Silver


The most amazing turqoise I've ever seen! 


Kingman Blue Turquoise with high amounts of black Matrix in the stone! Looks like a pool of water from above! 


Super chunky silver, with added silver dots at the top & swirls across the band


Never ever seen another like this & sure I never will again! 

A piece to treasue for a lifetime!


Navajo Mexican Silver setting, stamped EBB by the maker. 

 Stamped with EBB, not 925, made as and tested as soild silver. 

Weighs approx 20g 

4.5cm long 


Ring Size: T

Could be easily made smaller for smaller sizes or add a ring size adjuster device (which are cheap online)